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PVC2.5W   2.5mm 直徑 PVC 套管
PVC3.2W   3.2mm 直徑 PVC 套管
PVC3.5W   3.5mm 直徑 PVC 套管
PVC4.0W   4.0mm 直徑 PVC 套管
PVC4.5W   4.5mm 直徑 PVC 套管
PVC5.0W   5.0mm 直徑 PVC 套管
PVC5.5W   5.5mm 直徑 PVC 套管
PVC6.0W   6.0mm 直徑 PVC 套管
PVC7.0W   7.0mm 直徑 PVC 套管
LW-TT-ThermalColorRound-LABEL   彩色圓形銅版紙標籤
LW-TT-ThermalColor-LABEL   彩色銅版紙標籤
SF-Bar-Bas   Bartender 標籤、條碼及証卡列印軟件 - 基本版
SF-Bar-Pro   Bartender 標籤、條碼及証卡列印軟件 - 專業版
BMP21   Brady BMP21 Plus
DK-Address   Brother 地址標籤
DK11202   Brother DK11202 郵件標籤
DK11203   Brother DK11203文件夾標籤
DK11204   Brother DK11204多用途標籤
DK-11208   Brother DK11208 標籤 - 90mm x 38mm
DK11209   Brother DK11209 回郵地址標籤
DK22205   Brother DK22205 連續式紙質標籤 -62mm
DK22210   Brother DK22210 連續式標籤-29mm x30M
DK22211   Brother DK22211 連續式白色膠質標籤 -29mm x 15M
DK22212   Brother DK22212連續式白色膠質標籤-62mm
DK22213   Brother DK22213 連續式透明標籤帶-62mm
DK22606   Brother DK22606連續式黃色膠質標籤-62mm
DK-Visitor-Badge   Brother 訪客名片標籤
Brother-PT-700   Brother PT-700
Brother-PT-D450HK   Brother PT-D450HK
Brother-PT-D600HK-   Brother PT-D600HK
PT-E110VP   Brother PT-E110VP
PT-E300VP   Brother PT-E300VP
PT-E550VP   Brother PT-E550WVP
Brother-PT-P750W-   Brother PT-P750W
Brother-PT-P900W   Brother PT-P900W
Brother-PT-P950NW   Brother PT-P950NW
QL-1100   Brother QL-1100 Label Printer
QL-1100NWB   Brother QL-1100NWB Label Printer
QL-800L   Brother QL-800 Label Printer
QL-810W   Brother QL-810W
QL-820NWB   Brother QL-820NWB
TD-2020   Brother TD-2020
TD-4410D   Brother TD-4410D Label Printer
TZ-FX2310   Brother TZ 12mm 彈性標籤
TZ-1310   Brother TZ 12mm 標籤帶
TZ-FX2410   Brother TZ 18mm 彈性標籤
TZ-1410   Brother TZ 18mm 標籤帶
TZ-FX2510   Brother TZ 24mm 彈性標籤
TZ-1510   Brother TZ 24mm 標籤帶
TZ-N201   Brother TZ 3.5mm 白底黑字標籤
TZ-1610   Brother TZ 36mm 標籤帶
TZ-1110   Brother TZ 6mm 標籤帶
TZ-FX2210   Brother TZ 9mm 彈性標籤
TZ-1210   Brother TZ 9mm 標籤帶
CAB5954555   CAB A4+ Series Barcode Label Printer
CAB5954552   CAB A4+M 系列
CAB5954568   CAB A4+T 系列
CAB5965104   CAB EOS 4
CAB5541103   CAB Mach4 Barcode Label Printer
CAB5541113-   CAB XC Barcode Label Printer
CAB5959640   CAB XD4 Label Printer
CAB595970   CAB XD4T Label Printer
CL-Printing   Cable I.D Printing Service
CM-AN-2525-   Cablemark Adhesive Nylon Cable Label
CMS-P300   Cablemark CMS-P300 線纜標記列印系統
CM-FL-4015-W-500   Cablemark Flag Label 40mm(W) x 15mm(H)
CM-LSZHCT   Cablemark Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Tag
CM-LSHT   Cablemark LSZH Heat Shrink Sleeve
CM-NT   Cablemark Nomex Cable Tag
CM-PUR-6010-Y-1000   Cablemark PUR Cable Tag
CM-SL-2525   Cablemark Self Laminate Vinyl Cable Labels - 25mm(W)
CN12WPACK   Canon 12mm 膠質標籤 -白色
CN12SPACK   Canon 12mm 膠質標籤 -銀色
CN12YPACK   Canon 12mm 膠質標籤 -黃色
CN6WPACK   Canon 6mm 膠質標籤 -白色
CN6YPACK   Canon 6mm 膠質標籤 -黃色
CN9WPACK   Canon 9mm 膠質標籤 -白色
CN9SPACK   Canon 9mm 膠質標籤 -銀色
CN9YPACK   Canon 9mm 膠質標籤 -黃色
CNLabel   Canon Label Tape
CNHST   Canon MK Heat Shrink Sleeves
CNMK1500   Canon MK1500 Wire Marking Printer
CNMK2500   Canon MK2500 Wire Marking Printer
CN3.2YHST   Canon MK專用熱縮管 - 3.2mm 黃色
CN3.0WHST   Canon MK專用熱縮管 - 3mm 白色
CN3.0YHST   Canon MK專用熱縮管 - 3mm 黃色
CN4.8WHST   Canon MK專用熱縮管 - 4.8mm 白色
CN4.8YHST   Canon MK專用熱縮管 - 4.8mm 黃色
CN6.4WHST   Canon MK專用熱縮管 - 6.4mm 白色
CN6.4YHST   Canon MK專用熱縮管 - 6.4mm 黃色
CN6.0WHST   Canon MK專用熱縮管 - 6mm 白色
CN6.0YHST   Canon MK專用熱縮管 - 6mm 黃色
D450130   DYMO D1 12mm 標籤
D458000   DYMO D1 19mm Label
D53700   DYMO D1 24mm Label
D436100   DYMO D1 6mm Label
D409130   DYMO D1 9mm Label
LM160-   DYMO LabelManager 160
LM210D   DYMO LabelManager 21D
LM280   DYMO LabelManager 280
LM420P-   DYMO LabelManager 420P
D11352   DYMO Labelwriter 11352 回郵地址標籤
D11353   DYMO Labelwriter 11353 多用途標籤
D11354   DYMO Labelwriter 11354 Removable Label
D11355   DYMO Labelwriter 11355 Multipurpose Labels
D11356   DYMO Labelwriter 11356 Name Badge Label
SCS0838960   DYMO Labelwriter 450 Duo
SCS0838860   DYMO Labelwriter 450 Turbo
SCS0838910-   DYMO Labelwriter 450 Twin Turbo
D99013   DYMO Labelwriter 99013 透明標籤 89mm x 36mm
D99014   DYMO Labelwriter 99014 Shipping Label
D99015   DYMO Labelwriter 99015 Multipurpose Label
D99017   DYMO Labelwriter 99017 File Label
D0929120   DYMO Labelwriter Square Labels
D99012   DYMO Labelwriter99012 Large Address Label
D91200   DYMO LetraTag 紙質白色標籤
D91201   DYMO LetraTag 膠質白色標籤
D91205   DYMO LetraTag 膠質籃色標籤
D91203   DYMO LetraTag 膠質紅色標籤
D91204   DYMO LetraTag 膠質綠色標籤
D12267   DYMO LetraTag 膠質透明標籤
D91208   DYMO LetraTag 膠質銀色標籤
D91202   DYMO LetraTag 膠質黃色標籤
SCS0911100   DYMO LetraTag LT-100H
D0929100   DYMO LW Name Badge White Card - No Adhensive
D99010   DYMOLabelwriter 99010 Address labels
LW-TT-TransparentPET-LABEL   透明PET標籤
LW-TT-Thermal-LABEL   銅版紙標籤
SWCO-PRO1TC   蒙恬名片金典版 -PC/MAC(中/英文版)
Epson-LW-Z700   Epson LW-Z700 工程專用標籤機
Epson-LW-Z900   Epson LW-Z900 工程專用標籤機
Epson-LW1000P   Epson LW1000P
Epson-Pro100   Epson Pro100 特寬膠質標籤打印印
GT500-   Godex GT500
LW-TT-JEWELRY-LABEL   Jewelry Labels
PFP05-2508L   Laser Printable Cable Label
DS6708   Motorola Symbol DS6708 2D掃描器
LI4278   Motorola Symbol LI4278 Bluetooth Scanner
LS1203   Motorola Symbol LS1203 1D條碼掃描器
LS2208   Motorola Symbol LS2208 1D條碼掃描器
NL6E   Nicelabel Designer Express V.6
NL6D   Nicelabel Designer Standard V.6
LW-RIBBON   Printer Ribbon
PVC   PVC Tube
PVC-Tube   PVC Tube - Non Shrink
D180550   Rhino 12mm 熱縮管 (3-7.2mm直徑電線)
D184880   Rhino 12mm Nylon Tape
D184830   Rhino 12mm Permanet Polyester 標籤帶
D184440   Rhino 12mm Vinly 標籤帶
D180570   Rhino 19mm 熱縮管 (4-12mm直徑電線)
D184890   Rhino 19mm Nylon Tape
D184840   Rhino 19mm Permanet Polyester 標籤帶
D184450   Rhino 19mm Vinyl 標籤帶
D17345240   Rhino 24mm Nylon Tape
D17345230   Rhino 24mm Permanet Polyester 標籤帶
D18054300   Rhino 24mm Vinyl 標籤帶
D1756589   Rhino 5200工程專用標籤機
D180510   Rhino 6mm 熱縮管 (1.18-2.33mm直徑電線)
D18482   Rhino 9mm 持久聚脂標籤 - 白底黑字
D180530   Rhino 9mm 熱縮管 (1.8-5.2mm直徑電線)
D184820   Rhino 9mm Permanet Polyester 標籤帶
D184430   Rhino 9mm Vinly 標籤帶
SLP-35L   Seiko SLP 35L多用途標籤
SLP650   Seiko SLP 650 標籤列印機
SLP-Address   SEIKO SLP 地址標籤
SLP-2RLE   Seiko SLP 大型地址標籤
SLP-1BLB0   Seiko SLP 彩色標籤-6種顏色-89mm x28mm
SLP-2RL   Seiko SLP 白色標準地址標籤
SLP-DRL   Seiko SLP DRL 多用途標籤
SLP-SRLC   Seiko SLP 透明標籤 101mm x 54mm
SLP-1RLC   Seiko SLP 透明標籤 89mm x 28mm
SLP-2RLC   Seiko SLP 透明標籤 89mm x 36mm
SLP-SRL   Seiko SLP 郵件標籤
SLP-Drug   SEIKO SLP 藥用標籤
SLP-MRL   Seiko SLP MRL多用途標籤
SLP-RTL   Seiko SLP RTL零售標籤
SLP-ZIP   Seiko SLP ZIP 多用途標籤
PUL7L   Silver Fox Patch Panel Label - 180x7mm
PUL8L   Silver Fox Patch Panel Label - 180x8mm
PUL10L   Silver Fox Patch Panel Label - 182x10mm
PUL12L   Silver Fox Patch Panel Label - 192x12mm
PATCH10L   Silver Fox Patch Panel Label - 253x7mm
PF3020L   SIlverfox Optical Fiber Labels
U-DC450130   Unity 12mm LM Label
U-DC458030   Unity 19mm LM Label
U-DC436130   Unity 6mm LM Label
U-DC409130   Unity 9mm LM Label
U-DC91201   Unity LT Labels
GT-800-L   Zebra GT-800條碼標籤列印機
Zebra-GT820   Zebra GT820 Barcode Label Printer
GX-420D   Zebra GX-420D Barcode Label Printer
Zebra-GX430T-L   Zebra GX430T Barcode Label Printer
Zebra-ZD500   Zebra ZD500 Barcode Label Printer

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